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Have you been wondering "how does aspirin cure headaches?", "what are the health consequences of athletic supplements?", "how do fuel cells work?", or other similar questions in chemistry and biology of everyday life?
Wouldn't you like to get help jump-starting your undergraduate experience by:
• Exploring your interest with the help of professors, TAs, and fellow undergraduate mentors who share your interests
• Looking for a research lab that matches your interests and understanding what it takes to find such a lab
• Knowing how to be competitive in joining such a lab
• Developing skills beyond the realm of the classroom that will make you competitive in joining such a lab
• Learning what you can do with a career in chemistry involving theses interests

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place!

Chem199 Section L: iSCIENCE

Designed with YOU in mind, this course is aimed at improving your understanding of scientific concepts by using your interests as the starting point to drive the course content. Modelin a scientific research group for undergraduates, this integrated course involves students from first-year to senior, with older students serving as peer mentors. Throughout the course, you will build a community consisting of professors, TAs, and peer mentors who share your interests. With their help, you will develop necessary skills to investigate your interests through activities such as literature reviews, special topics discussions, skills lectures, seminars, visits to laboratories, and research assignments. By creating a supportive and communicative learning environment, this course will focus on your needs and emphasize your individual undergraduate experience, ultimately allowing you to make the best out of your undergraduate years.

Call number Section Time Room Credit Enrollment
58779 LECT L


217 NL 2 hr. For first time students
32558 LECT L2 WF
217 NL 2 hr. For mentors and returning students

Prerequisite: prior credit or enrollment in Chem 101, Chem102, Chem 202 or equivalent.
This course is offered to students of all levels. Students who enroll in this course for the first time should sign up for LECT L1 for 2 hr. credit. Return students should sign up for LECT L2 for 1 hr. credit. Repeating the course for credit is highly encouraged.

Course Instructor: Professor Yi Lu, yi-lu@uiuc.edu
Course Coordinator: Nilly Hafezi, hafezim1@illinois.edu
Teaching Assistants: Ambika Bhagi, bhagi2@illinois.edu
Parisa Hosseinzadeh, hssnzdh2@illinois.edu
Kevin Hwang, khwang10@illinois.edu
Igor Petrik, Head TA, petrik1@illinois.edu
Li Huey Tan, tan49@illinois.edu
Shiliang Tian, sltian@illinois.edu
Peiwen Wu, pwu10@illinois.edu
Hang Xing, xing2@illinois.edu
Yang Yu, yangyu1@illinois.edu

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